Top 3 Food Items to Avoid when you Reach your 30s

Adulthood gives us that sense of freedom like no other. Apart from independence, reaching adulthood also means that we can practically make our own food choices without having people tell us what’s good or bad. However this is the case, it is also during our early adult years that we need to be more aware on what our body truly needs.

If you want to maintain excellent health (aside from taking Vitamin C Serum), it is imperative to become more discerning when it comes to food choices. Here are top five food items that you need to avoid once you reach your 30s.

  • Flavored yogurt

When we reach 30s, collagen breakdown accelerates. This is one sign of aging that is irreversible. However, there are ways to slow down the degradation of collagen. For instance, cutting back on sweets or food items that are high in sugar is effective if you want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Apart from the usual cake, chocolates, unhealthy sugars also lie in the “healthy” food items such as flavored yogurt. If you choose to eat yogurt, make sure to get the plain variety instead.

  • Canned Goods

Numerous research studies prove there is connection between high blood pressure and premature skin aging. Women who have normal blood pressure have fewer wrinkles. With this in mind, it is best to cut down on food items that contain high amounts of sodium- a nutrient that is known to raise blood pressure labels. Avoid canned foods as they contain artificial ingredients such as sodium.

  • Softdrinks

Carbonated beverages should not be part of your diet or fluid intake once you hit the big 3-0! Sodas are saturated with cancer-causing chemicals and are heavily laced with sugar. Male and female fertility are negatively impacted by artificial ingredients and high sugar content.