Three Tips To Help You Get A Temporary Resident Permit

Entering Canada can be difficult if you have a record or might be considered as inadmissible for one reason or another. You can still be accepted in the country if you apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. Applying for a TRP should be easy if you follow these three tips.

3. Explain Why You Are Not Admissible

You need to show why you are not admissible in Canada. You should send any relevant court documents with your application. You should also include receipts if you had to pay fines and send any relevant documents if you had to complete any programs after being charged.

2. Explain Why You Need To Get Into Canada

You can obtain a Temporary Resident Permit if you have a good reason to go to Canada. You need to send any relevant documents to explain why you want to visit Canada. You could for instance send your registration confirmation for a conference you want to attend. The reason of your visit does not matter but you need to submit any relevant documents to show that you want to enter Canada for a specific reason.

1. Fill Out The Application Properly

Your application will be processed a lot faster if everything is filled out properly and if you include all the relevant documents that will be needed to proceed your application. You will also need to pay a fee to obtain a permit. Think about getting help from an immigration lawyer to make sure your application is properly filled out.

It is best to submit your application for a Temporary Resident Permit a few months ahead of time. Put together an application that includes all the documents that explain why you are not eligible to enter the country and submit as many documents as possible to show what you will be doing in the country.