Three Italian Food Facts Your Never Knew

There is a mish-mosh of food “facts” out there about different cuisines and much of it is far from the truth. Here are three things you probably never heard when it comes to Italian food.

Garlic bread is not something that is eaten in Italy. This is another one of those American inventions (I remember eating my first garlic bread in one of Italian restaurants Miami). In Italy, bread is served plain since it is meant to be used to eat extra sauce that remains on plates once food has been eaten.

As authentic as it probably sounds, fettucini Alfredo is not something that was invented in Italy. If you head there and you ask for this dish at any restaurant in the country, they will not have any idea what in the world you are talking about.

Oversaucing and spicing heavily is another thing that people falsely associate with Italy. True Italian cuisine relies on subtle flavors and fresh ingredients. Food is allowed to shine since it is not bogged down with excess spices and heavy ladles of sauce.

Now that you have had a bit of a refresher course on Italian cuisine, you will know what to expect if you ever decide to visit Italy (or you can just get some Brickell Italian food).