Thursday , May 5 2016

Everything that you Need to Know about Massholes

Massholes is collective terms used by residents of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire for people living in Massachusetts and impatient and inconsiderate drivers in the latter mentioned state.

To date, there only Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire typically use this term for people living in Massachusetts. It is said that is nothing but snobbery for drivers living in Connecticut and New York to complain with the driving of people from Massachusetts, as theirs are said to be equal or just as worse as theirs.

It is also said that people living in Maine and New Hampshire have this fondness of turning names of neighboring states into scatological terms, but referring to Massholes is more satisfying to them.

Massholes are essentially drivers who live with a motto, “Pushy and bossy win the race.” Massholes are drivers who get drunk and then drive recklessly weaving among traffic at 25 over the acceptable speed limit. These drivers are also widely known for throwing trash out the car window, driver with busted tail lights, and overly confident that they can get away with traffic violations as evidenced by their stickers on the rear window, “State Troopers are our Best Protection.”


The Reasons Why Massholes Drive the Way They Do

The government of Massachusetts is well organized to grant impunity to unionized state employees, to extract the minimum in fees and taxes from it citizens. The state has its notorious Registry of Motor Vehicles that fully embodies the tradition of having the inability to issue basic needs such as front license plates even if they have full control over the cost as well as terms of transaction.

In terms of licensing of drivers, the state’s Registry is unable to keep unqualified drivers away as it is to issue credentials to those who are qualified altogether.

The frustrating dysfunction of the state government explains why Massholes cannot leave a lane that is closing, even when they are given a mile of advance notice. Signs are most likely to be wrong, left in place to optimize the billings of those with political connections from whom they are being rented.

Massachusetts to some people from nearby states is considered a scary place, as nearly every car on the road, is either being operated by a jerk, or is mislabeled.


What to do when you encounter a Masshole on the road?

In the unfortunate event that you encounter a Masshole, how do you deal with him or her? There really is nothing that you can do to make things good when dealing with a Masshole. There is no way that you can instill driving etiquette when dealing with Massholes without sacrificing your anonymity. You will certainly lose an argument with a Masshole not due their ability to defend their actions, but mainly for the reason that they will not accept that they have committed infractions while on the road.